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IRON Removal System
IRON Removal SystemIron is the most common element found in bore well water causes Red Stains on your Bathroom Tiles, Hair Loss, Clogging in your Washing Machine etc.
Nearly all water supplies contain some measurable amount of iron more so in well water. Typically problems start occurring from water contains 0.3 ppm and above. Iron is found in several different forms. Ferrous and ferric iron are the most common. Ferrous iron is colorless in solution, but when it comes in contact with air, it oxidizes readily, forming red solid particles which are known as ferric iron. When the iron is in ferric form, the task of removing it from the water is easily achieved. The process of converting ferrous iron to ferric iron is dependent upon several factors, the most important being the pH level of the water. The pH level strongly dictates the approach to be taken for the removal of iron. Higher pH levels are more favorable for effectively oxidizing the ferrous iron which leads to precipitation.
We design, supply and install Iron removal system to achieve iron within permissible level.
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