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Sewage Treatment Plant
Sewage Treatment PlantSewage is the liquid waste from toilets, baths, showers, kitchens, etc. that is disposed of via sewers. Sewage treatment is the process that removes the majority of the contaminants from waste-water or sewage and produces both a liquid effluent suitable for disposal to the natural environment and a sludge. To be effective, sewage must be conveyed to a treatment plant by appropriate pipes and infrastructure and the process itself must be subject to regulation and controls. At the simplest level treatment of sewage and most wastewaters is through separation of solids from liquids, usually by settlement. By progressively converting dissolved material into solid , usually a biological floc and settling this out, an effluent stream of increasing purity is produced.

We undertake Development of Concept, Design, Construction, Erection and Commissioning of Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) Projects of Different types of Industries, Hotels, Hospitals, Residential Apartments. We identify and study the possible options by which treated sewage can be recycled for Gardening, Flushing or for other Process Applications for industries.
Our Treatment Systems comprises of following Units
Primary Treatment Units
Screen Chamber, Equalisation Tank, Oil & Grease Removal Tank, Primary Settling Tank (PST), Clariflocculator, Tube Settler, Sludge Drying Beds.
Secondary Treatment Units
ASP System like Aeration Tank and Secondary Clarifier, Extended Aeration System, FAB or MBBR based Reactor, Rotating Biological Contactor (RBC), Membrane Bio Reactor (MBR), Anaerobic Reactor, UASB System, Trickling Filter, Sludge Digester.
Tertiary Treatment Units
Pressure Sand Filter (PSF), Dual Media Filter (DMF), Multi Grade Filter (MGF), Activated Carbon Filter (ACF), Ozonator, UV Purifier, Chlorine Dosing Pumps, Ultra Filtration (UF Plant), Reverse Osmosis System (RO Plant) for Recycling or Reuse of treated Sewage, etc.
Holiday Resorts,
Accommodation Centers,
Housing / Residential Complexes,
Commercial Buildings,
Remote Camp Bases,
Captive Power Plants,
Education Institution/colleges
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